Demonstration Sites

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The Natural HVACR monitoring project starts at the Daikin Europe Ostend plant in Belgium, where the first Conveni-Pack CO2 prototype will be tested in a simulated convenience store. 

As a next step, demonstration and monitoring will take place in actual supermarkets in Germany and France. Discover the progress of the demonstration projects here.

Ostend Demoshop

DENV, Belgium

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Penny Detmerode

Wolfsburg, Germany

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Penny Scharbeutz

Scharbeutz, Germany

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Coccinelle Vernon

Vernon, France

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DICZ Demosite

Plzen, Czechia

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ebl-Naturkost Bamberg

Bamberg, Germany

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ebl-Naturkost Röthenbach

Röthenbach, Germany

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Bio Company Berlin

Berlin, Germany

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