Natural HVACR 4 LIFE

Helping Europe achieve a sustainable, low-carbon future with Daikin solutions.

A research project that supports our vision for a sustainable future.

Natural HVACR 4 LIFE is a research project led by Daikin Europe that is in line with the company-wide initiative to reduce carbon emissions to net zero by 2050, including the emissions generated throughout the life cycle of Daikin products. 

Co-funded by the European Union’s LIFE programme, this project will examine the potential of lowering the climate impact of a combined refrigeration, air conditioning and heating solution for convenience stores.

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Daikin Environmental Vision 2050

We will provide safe, healthy air environments while striving to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to net zero.

The Conveni-Pack at a glance

Conveni-Pack is Daikin’s integrated refrigeration, air conditioning and heating solution for convenience shops, since many years renowned for its cost and energy-saving features.

Through Natural HVACR 4 Life, Daikin will demonstrate a new prototype Conveni-Pack that uses CO₂ as natural refrigerant and investigate performance enhancing design features.

Heat recovery function reduces annual energy consumption

Refrigeration, heating and cooling: preassembled & easy to install

Uses natural refrigerant CO2 (R744)

New indoor cassette for comfort cooling and heating

Cold storage option expected to further decrease carbon emissions

Demonstration sites

At the Daikin Europe Ostend plant in Belgium, the first prototype will be tested in a simulated convenience store, followed by demonstration and monitoring of prototypes in actual supermarkets in Germany, France, Spain and Czechia.

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