News 3 May 2021

DICZ Demosite


Name   Daikin Industries Czech Republic s. r. o.
Demonstrator   Daikin Europe N.V.
Location   Plzen, Czech Republic
Start date   25/07/2020
Heating capacity   21.6 kW
Cooling capacity   16.0 kW
Refrigeration capacity   9.0 kW

* based on the following design conditions: summer 23.6°CWB indoor and 32.0°CDB ambient; winter 20.0°CDB indoor and -10.0°CDB ambient; refrigeration Te= -8.0°C

Daikin Industries Czech Republic Demosite

Photo: Outside view of Plzen factory where the demo Conveni-Pack unit is installed.

DICZ is a small conveni shop inside premises of Daikin Czech factory, where staff can buy food and drinks during lunch time and breaks. It is 100 m² and one CO2 Conveni-Pack systems has been installed.

Picture: Integrated HVACR installation of the Conveni-Pack system in the demoshop.

Table: Equipment overview.

Photo: Inside of the shop showing indoor units on ceiling and cabinets in the back.

 Photo: Piping of the cabinets.

Photo: Outdoor unit.