News 3 May 2021

ebl-Naturkost Bamberg


Name   ebl-Naturkost
Demonstrator   ebl-Naturkost GmbH & Co. KG
Location   Bamberg, Germany
Start date   21/06/2021
Heating capacity   42.5 kW
Cooling capacity   27.7 kW
Refrigeration capacity   22.2 kW

* based on the following design conditions: summer 18.6°CWB indoor and 32.0°CDB ambient; winter 20.0°CDB indoor and -15.0°CDB ambient; refrigeration Te= -6.0°C

ebl-Naturkost Demoshop in Bamberg, Germany

Photo: Shop entrance.

This ebl-Naturkost demoshop in Bamberg is a 610 m2 food retail store in the north part of Nuremberg region where two CO2 Conveni-Pack systems have been installed.

Picture: Integrated HVACR installation of the Conveni-Pack system in the demoshop.

Table: Equipment overview.

Photo: Indoor duct unit installed under the industrial style ceiling.

Photo: The evaporators for fresh fruits and vegetables in a separete room. 

 Photo: Chilled Refrigerated Remote Cabinet (CO2).

Photo: Outdoor units placed behing the shop.