News 9 March 2021

Ostend Demoshop


Name   Conveni-shop (leading demo site)
Demonstrator   Daikin Europe N.V. (DENV)
Location   Ostend, Belgium
Start date   20/01/2020
Heating capacity*   21.60 kW
Cooling capacity*   15.17 kW
Refrigeration capacity*   14.45 kW

* based on the following design conditions: summer 16.2°CWB indoor and 32.0°CDB ambient,  winter 20.0°CDB indoor and -10.0°CDB ambient; refrigeration Te= -6.0°C

The first Demoshop

Photo: Entrance to the Conveni Shop.

A representation of a convenience store is used to demonstrate the reliability & safety of the CO2 Conveni-Pack. This site will be closely monitores operation-wise as well as performance-wise measuring the overall energy consumption of the solution. We will also ude it to demontrate the feasibility of innovative technologies like the cold (thermal) storage and CO2 cassette indoor unit in the future. 

Picture: Integrated HVACR installation of the demoshop.

Table: Equipment overview.

The system is operated as if it were a typical store but in a simulated environment. For example, in order to produce a variable load, tanks filled with water are placed in a cold room (or walk-in cooler). The water is heated by a heater according to a time schedule, thanks to which, a dynamic load is enforced on the refrigeration system.

Photo: The water tanks with the water heaters in the cold room.

Photo: Interior of the Conveni Shop with the showcases and ducted indoor units.

Photo: Outdoor units.

The CO2 Conveni-Pack was presented in the Demoshop of DENV (Ostend, Belgium) in the NATURAL HVACR4LIFE Launch event on January 20th 2020. Read more