News 9 March 2021

Penny Detmerode


Name   Penny Detmerode
Demonstrator   Penny Markt GmbH
Location   Wolfsburg, Germany
Start date   03/12/2020
Heating capacity*   40.22 kW
Cooling capacity*   30.64 kW
Refrigeration capacity* 
 16.45 kW

* based on the following design conditions: summer 17.0°CWB indoor and 36.0°C DB ambient; winter 20.0°CDB indoor and -12.0°CDB ambient; refrigeration Te= -5.0°C

The second Demoshop

Photo: The inside part of the shop with CO2 Conveni-Pack system installed.

Penny Detmerode is a 770 m2 food retail store in North Germany where two CO2 Conveni-Pack systems have been installed.

Picture: Integrated HVACR instalation of the two Conveni-Pack systems in the demoshop.

Table: Equipment overview.

Photo: A/C Duct indoor unit <Cool/Heat> (CO2)

Photo: System installation visible under the ceiling of the shop.

Photo: Chilled Refrigerated Remote Cabinet (CO2).

Photo: R290 LT Plug-IN Showcase (DAIKIN group: AHT); not connected with Conveni-Pack. 

Photo: Outdoor units inside of acoustic box on the roof of store at residential area (to keep very low noise level).