News 21 November 2022

Daikin present at "ATMOsphere Europe 2022" conference in Brussels

From 15 to 16 November 2022 Daikin participated in the "ATMOsphere Europe 2022" conference that took place in Brussels, Belgium.

Daikin had its moment in the Refrigeration Case Studies part. Nishant Karve, Environmental Research Engineer from Daikin Europe, presented the results of the NaturalHVACR4LIFE Project led by Daikin Europe and co-funded by the European Union’s LIFE programme. As a part of this project, a Lifecycle Climate Performance study - a “cradle to grave” study of HVACR systems - revealed lower total lifecycle emissions for an integrated CO2 (R744) refrigeration, space heating and cooling system called as 'Conveni-pack', as compared to a similar unit with R410A refrigerant.

Nishant Karve compared the lifecycle climate performance (LCCP) of the CO2 Conveni-pack to the previous 410A model and shared learnings from the monitoring of demonstration sites. According to the analysis, CO2 unit outperforms the HFC one with 21% lower lifecycle emissions over a lifetime of 10 years. While GWP was the major differentiator, the CO2 unit was found to be even more favorable with the electricity emissions heading towards decarbonisation in 2050.

ATMO-Europe-14-4_Refrigeration Case Studies - part 2.jpgPhoto 1: Nishant Karve from Daikin Europe N.V. presenting during in the ATMOsphere Europe [source:]

Regarding monitoring of sites, in one of the supermarkets in southeast Germany, it was observed that in October (with ambient temperature 11°C) and November (with ambient temperature 7°C) no heating was needed yet. The system was still running mostly in the cooling mode causing the energy savings. It occurs that possible internal heat gains can prevent indoor air temperature from dropping to unacceptable levels. It should be also mentioned here that indoor units can be controlled manually or by a building management system. In this case, the indoor temperature was set manually and it was noted that at 7°C ambient temperature there were as many hours of cooling as heating. This gives an an image of the perception of air temperature by the users and over-dimensioning units for heating. It is important to remember that user behavior can have a significant impact on energy consumption, and that following the manufacturer's installation guidelines helps to improve the system performance.

ATMO-Europe-background.jpgPhoto 2: Daikin’s presentation of the results of the NaturalHVACR4LIFE Project led by Daikin Europe and co-funded by the European Union’s LIFE programme.

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