Events 30 November 2021

Daikin present at "Climatización y Refrigeración" international exhibition in Madrid

From 16 to 19 November 2021 Daikin participated in the C&R (Climatización y Refrigeración) in Madrid which is one of the most important international HVAC & R exhibition.

Daikin made its presence felt in this exhibition. The HVAC products were presented at the main Daikin booth while the refrigeration products were displayed at the booth of Tewis, which is a member of the Daikin group. The CO2 Conveni pack received a prominent spot in the exhibition along with a billboard presenting information on the NATURAL HVACR 4 LIFE project.


Photo 1: HVACR4LIFE project with CO2 Conveni-Pack presented in the Tewis booth.

The newly developed cassette indoor unit, that will accompany the already existing ducted indoor unit, will be available from January 2022 and was exhibited for the first time !


Photo 2: Exhibition of the cassette and ducted indoor units of the CO2 Conveni-Pack system.

Also a special version of the CO2 Conveni-pack outdoor unit was presented with plexi glass service panels so that the visitors could see the inside of the unit.


Photo 3: Exhibition of the CO2 Conveni-Pack outdoor unit.


Photo 4: Background of the Tewis booth with CO2 Conveni-Pack and Natural HVACR 4 LIFE project details.